December 30, 2009

water was so cold and shallow there

this summer, tomo and pat and i went to my hometown,
shimane and stayed at my parents' house for a week.
this is tomo up there, he is a brave traveler.
thank you.

tree balls like a man's

_____ is on the stage yeah!
thank you.

December 27, 2009

grandma is woody.

my grandma looks like woody allen.
i realized that when people get so old,
they start wearing complicated patterns all over their body,
which is an amazing thing i think,
and also they become kind of physically race-less.
but somehow my grandma turned into a jew,
which is an amazing thing.
i'm now hoping that i would be larry david when i get old.
thank you.

December 20, 2009

rainy season

rainy season

dead worm tangled all around in the hairs on the floor like a blanket,
cold hands hanging the laundry,
the fat middle aged dood staring from the building in front,
pig skin keeps you warm,
put those cold hands in a bucket filled with warm water,
grease drained,
oh hell sunday morning i see many things from this little windows.
thank you.

December 17, 2009

December 12, 2009

distorted food chain

some crazy mother happening on the mother. thank you.

but with only 5 fingers.
but thank you.

9 is really important number for me.
anyways, this is Pat. mah amozing boyfriend. thank you.

December 11, 2009


the surgery went well,
it was seriously like bomb bomb fireworks happened deep inside of my body while i was sleeping.

i woke up from anesthesia, i went to pee pee but then after i peed, my blood pressure got too low and i fainted on the bathroom floor, with my tits out.
but now i understand how my body holds things and they are really important to function my body alright.

i looked at a little piece of me that had been chopped off,
it was pink yet not healthy.

i ate a piece of pumpkin and that was good though!


thank you.

smells of human skin i'm a dog.

wind treats

floral vag

oh hi