holy crap, real crap.

went to this old diner in Sasazuka, surrounded by old people,
i was there with my friends(bunch of fuckos) talking about sex and gross stuff at 12pm on sunday, but hey i've got the class,
i didn't want to be obvious so i said s, e, x, instead of saying sex straight,
but the owner's wife who was making this pretty omelette looked at me with a dirty look.

some guy ran into the bathroom, a few minutes later he came out,
he told the owner couple that the toilet got flooded so he'll clean up,
and closed the door again, 20 mins later he hadn't come out yet,
the owner's wife knocked the bathroom door, she asked the guy if he's ok, he said i'm ok.
she asked the guy to open the door, she nicely told him that she'll take care of it,
he opened the door, and then she went, dgjoaigjjjfgdlakgjleeeewwww (LOL)
and then she went again, "what a big mess, i'll call up the cleaner man to clean up this mess!!"
"god, your feet are wet (=meaning that's fucking disgusting), you should wash them with clean water too!"
we all looked at them, the guy must've been super embarrassed,
i felt bad, his boyfriend was waiting for him at the table, i felt bad for him too.

after that shit flood happened,
i was eating but i had this imaginary image of the shitted flooded brown toilet in my head. i guess everyone who was there had the same kind of shit picture in their head too.
oh my oh my.