taste of cherry

i'm leaving my work in 3 days.
tomorrow is my last day-off,
i don't have that much time left but i have many random things on my desk,
so i was cleaning up before i went home today.
i had many comics in my shelf that i don't read anymore,
so i gave them away with s-o-r-r-o-w like a s-p-a-r-r-o-w.
man, i was surrounded by really awesome people.
(by the way, the desk in the photo is not my office desk.)

when i got off work,
it was raining hard outside and i was tired, so i wanted to go home asap.

on the way back home, i kept thinking about expensive fat-ass steaks that i ate in Chicago with my parents when they came visit me for my graduation.

man, i really do want to eat beef TONIGHT.

i went to the butcher's when i got off the train,
bought 2 slices of beef steaks,
ran back to my place, cooked them in heated oil and butter and burning garlic with salt and pepper and a little bit of wine, man that was wonderful.

i was wondering when the exact day that my parents came visit was.
so i looked through my old emails, and then it happened to be today was the same day as the day when we went out for the fancy big-ass steaks before the graduation.
hmm total beef day, good time for leaving and starting something new.