wear it right

happa happa,
some slang that i learnt about 3 years ago from this hellish person at the hell,
"happa means half japanese and half something else."

he had too many useless things to show off,
obsessed with asian ladies, and used to be a raver.

if i had a driver's license, i'd totally go on a road trip all over the jappie land.
the reasons are;
1. i want to touch dolphins.
2. i want to go to the snake land.
3. i want to eat every kind of un-creative hamburgers, all over the place.

if i can go to the u.s. right now, i'd totally go.
the reasons are;
1. i still want to touch dolphins.
2. i want to go to Florida, Daytona Beach, play the simpsons arcade game, look at sea turtles walking around at the beach at night, look at rainbow colored, colorful colorful puke stains or cotton candy, like i did in 2003 and 2004. both years.
3. i want to seriously go play miniature golf. in Daytona Beach.

sorry this is such a shallow post about "oh i want to do it, i want to do that."
i'm in a totally trashy oh-that's-so-hip mood.