hear it all

today i heard this story from the person that i'm really close to,
about this family, who are really close to us, a part of our family now.

i won't really write this story specifically or directly naming who is who, but just blurry,
it might feel annoying and confusing, or you might figure it all out, but yeah,
not right after they got married but after the earthquake,
i met his mom and grandma for the first time since they had to escape from the town that was destroyed by tsunami and radiation.

his grandma(his mom's mom) can't really hear anything anymore,
she's about 90 years old, so his mom and grandma were communicating by using body gesture or writing on the notebook, which looked really graceful.
i guessed that they've been talking like that from not that long ago, and i was really surprised that they were so used to it.

but today, i was talking to this person,
and she told me all the stories that i didn't really have to know, i guess.

the story goes;

his grandma used to own and run this ryokan (Japanese-style hotel),
but when she was about 20 years old, this crazy guest staying at her hotel beat her up with an iron bar for no reason, and this psycho hit her head really hard... she became deaf since then.

after that happened, her life kept on, she got married and gave a birth to her daughter(his mom), so she's never heard her daughter's voice.

the way they communicate, their made-up gesture and sometimes writing in the notebook, that was actually the way that they've been using since they became a family, mom and daughter. especially their gesture, it seems like a really special, mysterious way to communicate that nobody really understands, but that is actually their normal, usual way to understand each other that naturally occurred while her daughter was growing up.

after i heard that fact, i thought i saw some special, hidden culture that's been built up without nobody knowing it, which feels like discovering the whole new country with native citizens living in that no one knew about in the middle of nowhere, and i thought it was kind of magical.