it's break time, narcissist o'clock!

at the end of last year, i got expired disposal cameras at my work.
i decided to give them to my close friends, and asked (pretty much forced) them to take pictures of me with that camera.
those photos of me were taken by my friends, i'm such a stupid clown, most of them are embarrassing since it's too real, it's not like OK-i'm-ready-to-take-a-pretty-portrait-of-myself-and-use-it-for-my-FB-profile < 3
anyways, my amazing friends, you guys are so lovable, talented, never-aging, random, silly, etc, woo, i love you guys so much.




taken by YAMADA, editor/comic writer, my beard friend.

taken by NAGISA, fashion press/talented writer, my amazing girl.

taken by NAOKO, translator/life is rock n' roll, my total babe.

taken by NANOOK, painter, the person who always brings good luck.