Ok, so the trip was fun.

I stayed at Christine's in Queens and Forest Hills is one of my favorite places in NY now.
Christine is always a savior of my life, she is always so caring and took care of me, it'd take forever if I write every single thing that she's done for me down here... She's just great.

I had so much killing-time coffee there, went to see galleries, had an interview with this magazine place that I took a photo series for, they had such a nice office and the editor, Akiko was so sweet, multi-talented and also a great mom at the same time.
I went stop by at the bookstore where Mitsu works at a lot, they had good selections and I just checked them out while waiting around for Mitsu to get off work like I was a stalker.

While staying in NYC, I made fun of tinder with my friends but I was kind of serious and sat the guy's age range up to 55+ and only "liked" kinky looking doctors and it just got creepy so I just took screenshots of them. I won't use them for anything though, just trying to keep the fun memories of perverted people.

I went visit LA as well, met up with my friends and hang out and partied a lot. They have weird drinking restrictions in LA but LA is still weird without all those alcohol after 1am. It's dirty, friendly, cozy, and warm.... I guess I found the perfect place for me finally. It's like you fall in love with some filthy stuffed animal that you found on the ground.
Ashley came pick me up from the airport. Ashley was always Ashley. She was getting sick and I felt bad (even though she was sicky, she taught me some American-way make up tip, contouring, like that famous lady of Kanye would do.)

I checked out LA Art Book Fair too 3 days straight, met up with my old friends and new friends...
Misaki and Justin now have a cute big baby, Sam started out an interesting input-output art company connecting the Chinese art scene and the US, Coley was there living in LA now....
New Japanese friends I met there, Yoruko and Lena, such an amazing artists and they hosted me and my young best buddy Alex. I met him last year in Japan when he had a show in Nakameguro and we got along well. Anyways, Alex and I had a quite adventure all through the stay.
Details; clubs, no ID, sneaking in, NY city boy style, no hotel reservation, being hated by strangers, sunscreen, Japanese souvenir shop called GINZA, little arguments from fatigue, decaf coffee tastes like shit according to the cafe staff, me being a baby not trying to catch my flight, etc.

Ah, I need to go run some errands now.
I'll post photos later once I get my rolls of film developed. I'm sure I took so many meaningless photos like woo this burrito looks so delicious.