things i don't see anymore

madly crowded trains

so i quit my job, moved out of Tokyo, i was getting unemployment benefit every month but it ended this month, i saved up some money while i was working but i don't want to spend it off, now i guess i really have to think how to survive this world with getting enough amount of $$.

now what i really have to do is;
set life time goals
finish up projects
plan exhibitions
work work work doing what i can do or want to do? does it sound silly to finally realize this at the age of 33?

i realized i was really nothing and didn't have anything special (talent or ability-wise) when i quit my job that payed me good, didn't want to face anything for a bit so i escaped the city to the countryside, watching Francis Ha or GIRLS hurt me so good (ha haa).
being isolated most of the time and staying away from all the fun things i loved in a city didn't hurt me that much, i feel like i've been detoxing mentally and physically, i'm more specific and strong about what i like and what i don't agree on i guess, i don't know if it's a good thing or i'm just being super self-absorbed. i have so much time to work on things and brain-storm now but if i have too much time on my hands i just forget how precious that is, i forget it'd only happen super limited time in my life.

anyways, i'm visiting Taiwan for the first time next month that is exciting, and also i've decided to move back to Tokyo in October-ish this month and rent a house with Patrick Tsai, hope things will work out well and i'll have/create something amazing to show you guys.