Guests & Funeral

When I moved back to my hometown in January this year, I went to see this beach near my parents' often. I never liked winter, but walking along the beach in cold was such a refreshing thing, chilly salty wind in my lungs felt like it would disinfect my whole body/mind and save me from all the bad thoughts that drags me down.
As I walk down the beach until I got to some isolated part that nobody was really around, I saw so many drifted trash everywhere. I guess most of them are from Korea or China since this beach is facing their side. I didn't think like oh this is another world-wide environmental problem kind of thing, I just thought it is amazing and might be some sort of miracle that those trash just drifted away and got to this beach and I found them. I felt like I had to welcome them as a guest.
Those trash, they used to belong someone, then became useless, and then probably abandoned and forgotten in a cold water, drifted and drifted, got washed out, now they are just laying on this beach.
But since I found them, I know they have their own history behind, and yes they are now my guests.
I also want to know what are those unknown things are..... If you can figure out what those unknown things actually are, please let me know via a contact form on the left side!

I tried to find more private things, such as a library ID card and such that has more personal information so that I can get them back to the owner, but it was kind of hard to find those things that is that identical. But I keep looking and update more things:)






☞About the medicine on the right side






UNKNOWN/I don't know where they belong/不明