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"Experiment No.1 2016, Red String of Fate" - Mari Kojima
My new zine on my experiment on "Red String of Fate"
(written all in Japanese)

“Red String of Fate” is referred to an invisible red string that connects the two people who are destined to fall in love/get married. This myth was originated from a Chinese legend called “Yuè Xià Lǎorén” that was written by Li Fuyan during Tang Dynasty period. Even though the story has been arranged here and there from the original, it’s been disseminated all over in Japan as a popular tale.

 "Imose-yama Onna Teikin" is a play of Ningyo Joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theater) and Kabuki and the red string appears in this story as one of the important props that connects the couple together. Red String is often described as a symbol of love in Japanese novels, films, comic books, songs, and even in casual everyday-conversations. This symbolic icon is also used for advertising purposes especially during the Valentine season when Japanese people get busy with buying gifts for their lovers.

The red string is supposed to be invisible, but I wanted to know how people react if the red string is actually visible. So I bought a roll of red ribbon, and lay it along the street for about 200m and at the end of it, I sat at the bench there. I decided to wait for someone who would trace it and reach out to me.

The concept of Red String of Fate is culturally prevalent and Japanese people grew up with it. If the red string is visible, and once they see it, some people might instantly think it would lead to their destined one (which is me….) Making this invisible concept visible is kind of exciting.....

12 pages
Written all in Japanese
ink-jet print
A4 and other random size papers
Magnetic binding

" bird flu" print set - Mari Kojima  

just found 1set in my luggage.

"bird flu" print set 
7 silver halide prints
limited edition of 10 (each print has edition number & signature)
print size: 198mm x 296mm
About the edition number and signature
*if any of those images from the photo list above get printed with a different printer/ink/size/paper
and have a different finish, they might get numbered as a new edition.
*each photos are numbered and signed at the right bottom on the back of the print.