nookdoug and gakkun

these days i hang out with my friend's brother's friends, they are young and still in college.

last week, a bunch of us(we are all around 30s) and this cute young college kid(still 20-ish) spent all night playing jenga, didn't sleep at all and went to eat some noodles for breakfast.

it was so nice out that day, so we decided not to waste a day even though we didn't sleep at all.

we started walking around the outside of this zoo by inogashira-park, but we couldn't decide either we get in to the zoo or not so we were just aimlessly walking around for an hour,
i suggested to go see eagles and owls at this nature-loving kind of cafe by the park but i, as the leader, totally went to the wrong direction and we were lost(i really have no sense of direction),
we got all so tired, but we had to go poo poo so bad so went to the department store to use the cleaner bathroom.
after dropping some pounds off, we sat on the couch in front of the bathroom not being able to decide what we are gonna do.
the college kid was just sitting there with us giving us a hopeless look. my friend asked him if he wants to be like us in like 10 years, he just answered ummm.