sunday routine

it was so nice outside yesterday so my friends and i decided to go to inogashira-park,
we had tasty sandwich there and talking really dirty as usual.

on the way back home, we realized that we forgot to play badminton even though we had rackets and everything ready. it was still light out, and also we found a nice parking lot outside of this catholic church, so we stopped there to see if we could play that mama there.
the church was open for sunday service, so we just randomly decided to go inside and pray instead of playing badminton, pretty much to just have fun(more like to make fun of it, sorry....), since we all love bad religious jokes.

we went in, dipped our fingers in holy water, sat down and acted as we were praying,
but i was actually thinking about buying 1 big avocado instead of getting 3 small ones for dinner.

we felt uncomfortable so we left, and decided to go to one of our friend's house nearby.
when we arrived there, there was a big tube of lubricant for sexy purpose sitting on the table,
so i just squeezed it out on my hand and started playing with it.
and then i just realized that i've just got purified by holy water. oh humans.

by the way i'm going to nagoya next month with the crew. psyched!